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The Hoosier Kitefliers Society promotes kiting by planning and coordinating kite activities, kite workshops, and kite demonstrations in conjunction with other community events. Please explore this website to learn more and plan to attend one or more of our activities. If you need more information, use our contact page to get in touch with one of our leaders.

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Kitebuilding Workshop in Shipshewana Windjammers kite team in Shipshewana Display at State Museum Dual-Line Coaching HKS Rokkaku Merritt Beck kites at Beck Memorial Fly

A volunteer helps children build a kite at an HKS workshop during a kite festival in Shipshewana.

The Windjammers International Kite team performs at a kite festival in Shipshewana.

HKS set up a kite display at the Indiana State Museum for Father's Day, 2011.

HKS member Dick Claycomb coaches relatively new member Peggy Farlow on dual-line sport kite flying.

A rokkaku kite custom-sewn by an HKS member.

Some Merritt Beck kites on display at the annual Merritt Beck Memorial Fun Fly

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Video: 2014 Beck Memorial Fly

The HKS hosted its annual Merrittt Beck Memorial Fun Fly Sep. 13. Below is a video of some of the activities.

Connor Prairie photos available

Curiosity Fair kite displayMembers of HKS created and staffed a kite display at Connor Prairie Interactive History Park June 14 and 15. More photos of the display are available in our online photo gallery.

More Kite Komotion photos: Larry Witker

Photo of Windjammers Int'l Kite Team kites

Larry Witker has published a nice gallery of photos from the April 26, 2014 Shipshewana Kite Komotion kite festival in a Flickr gallery. Have a look.

Do you have photos or videos from the festival? If you've already publshed them online, please send us a link. If you haven't, you can email us your photos and we'll publish them here. Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kite Komotion 2014 interviews

Microphone photo

Below are recordings of interviews of kite fliers and others that were played over the public address system during the Kite Komotion 2014 kite festival in Shipshewana, Ind. April 26, 2014.

Bill Miller talks about his 200-square-foot-skyform kite, alien and panda bear:

Bob Klopke talks about his new Wallace and Gromit kite:

Catherine Piotrowski talks about her new rainbow sled pilot kite and shark and seal inflatables.

Head Over Heels' Darlene Flaugh talks about how the Kite Komotion kite festival got started.

Daryl Waters talks about his big penguin and octopus kites.

Debbie Maciejewski talks about their rainbow lifter kite and gecko and pig line laundry.

Don Faust of Lagrange Communities Youth Centers talks about how they get sponsors for the kite festival.

Kevin Kelham talks about the festival's learn to fly field.

Mike Wagner talks about his lifter kite and polar bear line laundry.

Bill Schumaker and Bob Hegman talk about fighter kites.

Terri Claycomb talks about the kids' kite-making workshop.

Tom Deck talks about his bubble machine.

Pam Mazzulla talks about their homemade dolphin and shark line laundry.

Kite Komotion 2014 photos

Panoramic view of Kite Komotio 2014

Photos from the fourth annual Shipshewana Kite Komotion kite festival are starting to come in. Chris Braman of Fort Wayne submitted two cool panoramas of the festival grounds. One apepars above and they're both in a new photo gallery on this website that's devoted to this year's festival.

We hope to add to the photo gallery, so if you have any photos from this year's festival, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can send photos as attachments to email messages. Or, if you've already uploaded photos to a photo sharing site (e.g. Flickr), just send the URLs (Web addresses) of the photos.

South Bend's Fox 28 does Live preview of Kite Komotion 2014

A huge thank-you to our good friends in the Wisconsin Kiter's Club, who got up early Friday morning, April 25 and went out into the rain to help promote our fourth annual Kite Komotion kite festival in Shipeshewana. Click on the preview images below to view video recordings of the live interviews.

Thanks also every person who participated in any way to make Kite Komotion 2014 another great festival! Check this website frequently for more content from the festival as we can get it posted.

Fox28 Kite Komotion live shot 1 Apr 25 2014 screen grab


Fox28 Kite Komotion live shot 2 Apr 25 2014 screen grab

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