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Kites 'N MPX mini-festival is "Airwaves" successor

The popular "Airwaves" kite festival at Voice of America Park north of Cincinnatti has returned ... sort of.

Butler County Metroparks has partnered with venerable Cincy-area kite club People Interested in Getting Stuff Aloft (PIGS Aloft) to create a new but smaller event this year, "Kites 'N MPX" (Kites and Metroparks).

It will be a one-day, five-hour event (April 11, 2015, noon to 5 p.m. ET) at the same park that hosted the now-defunct "Airwaves" festival for so many years.

Butler County Metroparks has created a PDF flyer for the event.

Kites MPX 2015 flyer